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Aug 23, 2009 7:30am EDT
a light on america's small businesses. is there a small business that you treasure? if so, go to there you can nominate a business to win $100,000 in grant money and marketing support. the address again is llight. it will be narrowed down to three by myself and ellen degeneres. you, the public, will choose the winner from the top three. >>> a great example of this is something like ray of cleveland. as we first told you, ray was a man with a dream who wrote his passion and his mountain bike, as you'll see, to success. people said it wouldn't work. >> one friend said, just keep your money in the bank. >> they told him he was crazy. >> i became the subject of some jokes. >> they said no one would come to an indoor mountain bike park, but ray had a dream of starting his own business. and like kevin costner in "field of dreams" he knew in his heart that was enough. >> it is like a mountain bike miracle. like a field of dreams type of thing. >> there was no business plan, no business model, it was just behind stupidity, luck, passion. >> for the die-har
Aug 30, 2009 7:30am EDT
to, the america's affordable health choices act in the house really has all of the key elements that we think are important. a better marketplace, a health insurance exchange for small businesses, and individuals to purchase coverage. a public health insurance option that we see as really essential to creating affordable options, driving down costs and really holding insurers accountable. we don't think the greater regulation of the insurance market on its own will be sufficient. to change the marketplace and create the affordable options that kelly and others need. >> so you just brought up one of the most contentious issues, the public option. kelly and i were talking about this a little before. if the public option is taken out of the bill, do you think the bill is robust enough for you? >> no. absolutely not. the public option is key. the public option sets a benchmark. when i sell -- when i go out and tell me employees what we are going to provide in health care coverage next year or this swreer year, i really don't know. and one of the key components of the public option i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2